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We specialize in silver Egyptian Mau cats.

*The only naturally spotted domestic breed
*Intelligent, active.  They even love to play fetch!
*Affectionate purrsonalities
*Raised under foot, sleep with us at night

Home of the following award winning cats:
*CFA Grand Champion, Regional Winner D'otz Shooting Star of KairoKats, 3rd Best of Breed for the 2009-2010 show season (May 2009 to April 2010).  "Scooter" was even on Live with Regis and Kelly's TV show!!
*CFA Grand Champion, Regional Winner I-Tem Chunky Maunkey of KairoKats, 2nd Best of Breed and Best Silver Egyptian Mau for the 2003-2004 show season.
*TICA's Smoke Egyptian Mau of the Year for 1998 and 2000 and 3rd Best Egyptian Mau of the Year for 1998.

We don't have any kittens available right now.  Our kittens come with their pedigree, CFA registration, baby pictures, immunizations, and already spayed/neutered.  Sorry, but we don't ship them.  Check out some pictures of our last litter in an album on Facebook at this link:  Click here
This is Grand Champion KairoKats Miracle, Chunky Maunkey's daughter.  She Granded in one-and-a-half shows!
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This page was last updated on: January 10, 2015
This is Grand Champion, Regional Winner I-Tem Chunky Maunkey of KairoKats.  He was 2nd Best of Breed, Best Silver, 14th Best Cat in the Great Lakes Region, and 2nd Best Cat for the Mid-Michigan Cat Fanciers' Cat Club for the 2003-2004 season.  Thanks to Tom and Ila Migut for letting us share the joy of this sweet, loving boy.
Sharon and Jim Folts
6196 VanVleet Rd.
Swartz Creek, MI 48473 USA
This is the litter of 2006, 3 of them became Grand Champions!
KairoKats Sparkle and Champion KairoKats Rochelle love to nap and cuddle.
This is Scooter (GC, RW D'otz Shooting Star of KairoKats).  He achieved CFA's 3rd Best Egyptian Mau and Great Lakes Region's Best Egyptian Mau and 14th Best Cat in Championship for 2009-10 show season.  He was on Regis and Kelly Live on 10-19-2009!  Thanks to Susan, Caroline, and Eliza Melia, he now resides at KairoKats.
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This is KairoKats Evening Star.  She was born in October, 2012.